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Who are TierraMar?

by Simon

TierraMar, established in 2008, is a registered charity that applies nature-based solutions and other innovative approaches to secure a future where people and nature thrive together.  We focus on Australia, the Pacific, and the Coral Triangle.  

We help people and communities unlock that transformational change to build their resilience and halt and reverse nature loss by:   

  • unlocking new and innovative thinking, approaches and collaborations to meet societal challenges and create the policy enabling environment required to scale. 
  • fostering tomorrow’s change makers to shape a nature positive net zero world. 
  • enabling community led transformational action on the ground at the scale and speed needed. 

We believe that a paradigm shift in global thinking and action is required if this ambition is to be achieved. Our ambition is to help achieve this paradigm shift in the places we work.   

TierraMar Who We Are

TierraMar Board

Diane Tarte, Chair, TierraMar. Director, Marine Ecosystem Policy Advisors
Diane Tarte, CHAIR. Director, Marine Ecosystem Policy Advisors
Anissa Lawrence, Managing Director, Founder TierraMar
Anissa Lawrence, Managing Director, Founder TierraMar
Dr Ray Nias, Director Tierramar
Dr Ray Nias, Director TierraMar
Robert Frazer, Secretary, Director TierraMar
Robert Frazer, Secretary, Director TierraMar

Our Story

Since 2008 TierraMar has been providing strategic, effective, innovative and balanced solutions for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of our world’s precious biodiversity and natural resources across Asia Pacific. In doing so, we have sought to ensure that sustainable businesses prosper, and communities thrive through the wise utilisation of natural capital – balancing profit and purpose.    

In 2021, we transitioned from a conservation focused consulting company to a registered charity, focused on delivering a number of programs as well as continuing to provide fee for service consulting that contributes towards our 2030 goals.   

As a consulting organisation, we specialised in providing a Global-Regional-Local approach to deliver local outcomes to achieve global and regional program goals and vice versa.  We worked across all sectors of society: Global and regional non-government and government agencies, national governments and non-government organisations (with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and South-east Asia), private sector, and local communities and community groups. 

Our clients included multilateral agencies, national and state governments, natural resource management and conservation organisations, international conservation and development NGOs, scientific research agencies and universities, Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) agencies, international consulting firms and several international development banks.  

Anissa Lawrence, Managing Director

Anissa is qualified in environmental science and accounting with experience in coastal and marine natural resource management (NRM), conservation, communication, business and risk management. Anissa previously held leadership positions in a number of Australian conservation organisations focused on improving sustainability of fisheries and coastal and marine ecosystems. She has held senior positions in a number of leading international consulting and professional services firms where she provided expertise in environmental, business, operational and technological risk management, systems and process design and control, and strategic planning and management.

Dr Raymond Nias, Director

Ray is a founding member of TierraMar and an experienced conservationist who has worked with governments, conservation groups and communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region for 30 years. From 1988 – 2009, he was Director of Conservation for WWF Australia, leading conservation activities, research, policy development, advocacy, and community outreach. This included chairing the International Marine Advisory Group; and establishing the South Pacific, Antarctic and Southern Ocean programs. From 2012 – 2018, Ray was also Southwest Pacific Region Director with Island Conservation, which prevents extinction through removal of invasive species. Ray’s expertise is in the development, funding and management of conservation programs.

Robert Frazer, Director

Bob has more than 37 years experience in community development and government, facilitation and mediation. He has worked extensively with Indigenous communities and organisations, and in a leadership role in natural resource and cultural heritage. Bob is passionate about community resilience and helping people achieve improved environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes. Bob has worked as CEO for Cape York Natural Resources Management (NRM) and North Queensland NRM Alliance in mid-2018. He helped establish Southern Queensland Landscapes Ltd., Australia’s newest Regional NRM Body and has been a director and secretary for several Indigenous, NRM, conservation and environment organisations since 1995.

Diane Tarte

Diane Tarte is an ecosystem and oceans policy expert who is also an IUCN representative on the Reef Advisory Committee and was awarded the Centenary Medal for services to marine and coastal conservation in 2003. Diane’s is focused on ecosystem-based management of coasts, marine, waterways and fisheries. For 45 years she has helped protect the Great Barrier Reef and tropical coastal wetlands. She is director of the Dry Tropics Partnership for Healthy Waters and also chairs the Great Barrier Reef Regional Report Cards Technical Working Group and is a member of the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Advisory Committee.