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by Simon

Our vision is a future where people and nature thrive together. Our approach is embedded in leveraging the resources and partners that can help us to implement our strategies and achieve our goals.

Our Programs

Building climate resilient fisheries

Building climate resilient fisheries through the adoption of ecosystem-based approaches in Australia and the Coral Triangle.

Building climate resilient landscapes and communities

Building climate resilient landscapes and communities in eastern Australia using holistic landscape scale approaches.

Eliminating plastic pollution to save marine wildlife

Eliminating plastic pollution from international fisheries impacting on northern Australia.

Building climate resilient island ecosystems

Building climate resilience in Pacific island ecosystems with integrated conservation and development approaches.

Generation Nature+

Enabling Australia’s next generations of sustainability leaders to drive a nature positive future.

Core Principles

Our strategy is undefined by 4 core principles

Community centred

We place the needs and aspirations of the community at the front and centre of our programs. To ensure their priorities are identified and addressed we work with the community, including women and other marginalised groups to codesign activities. 

Systems thinking

In making sense of the complexity of the world we take an integrated approach by looking at the whole rather than focusing on its parts

Systems thinking is an effective way to explore and develop effective solutions in complex contexts.

NbS Standard

The IUCN Nature-based Solutions Standard provides sound, sciencebased, and clear parameters for defining NbS and a common framework to help benchmark progress.

This framework is critical to increasing the scale and impact of the NbS approach.

Solutions Focus

There is no point repeating the past.  We don’t have time given the scale of challenges we as a planet face.  We focus on learning the lessons, building on what has worked in the past and taking calculated risks to drive outcomes at the scale and speed needed.

TierraMar is an Australia based conservation charity working to build resilient communities and reverse nature loss by helping to unlock transformational change.

Philanthropic / impact investment opportunities

These projects are ready to receive support.

Where we have worked

Our projects and programs are centred on Australia, the Pacific and the Coral Triangle.