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by Administrator

Working with TierraMar on 4 different projects, they were and continue to be the best consulting partners and have the skills to work with a multicultural team with varying levels of expertise, technical know-how, and language proficiency, to facilitate strategic development while remaining sensitive to cultural norms and communication ability.

Their expertise is second to none in marine, sustainable seafood and markets, strategy review and development, environmental and marine policy knowledge at the regional and national policy/governance (namely Asia-Pacific and the Coral Triangle countries).

Importantly, they have helped WWF develop strategic plans and programmes through facilitating the process and providing analysis of the status quo and past programme of work, through guidance and exposure to case studies and policies from elsewhere. This practical manner of facilitation is tremendously effective when working with teams which range from people working in the field, market and policy/advocacy.

I continue to recommended TierraMar to other colleagues, and feedback indicates they also have been very pleased with their results and would use TierraMar’s services again and again.