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by Jess
Sally Bailey, TierraMar Senior Consultant

Sally has over 28 years of experience in natural resources management and conservation, particularly marine conservation, including fisheries, in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Prior to joining TierraMar, Sally worked for the international NGO WWF for 23 years in a number of roles.

Sally has been responsible for policy, campaigns, fundraising and developing training materials for volunteers across the UK in fundraising and campaigning, to build capacity and strengthen outreach at the local level.

Sally played a key role in the setting up of WWF Cymru in 2000, engaging in global campaigns and leading campaigns in Wales. A key part of this role included advocating to the newly created National Assembly of Wales, on the importance of the marine environment which makes up 40% of Wales and the establishment of a Marine Team within the Wales Assembly Government.

Sally held key leadership positions in WWF-UK, joining the Marine Team as the Programme Manager in 2005 for the North East Atlantic Marine Ecoregion, managing a team of 5 marine experts in Fisheries, MPAs, Climate Change, and Marine Policy, developing and implementing the Ecoregion strategy and action plan.  Sally honed her skills in project and programme management,  monitoring and evaluation and policy development.  She also led the engagement with private sector on sustainable seafood, engaging, retailers, processors and fishing industry. She later became responsible for Fisheries Policy and Seafood Trade at WWF-UK, setting up a new team focused on developing and delivering partnerships with private sector and fishing industry and policy development for sustainable fisheries in Europe and supporting a team in China.

In 2012, Sally relocated to Fiji with her Fijian husband to take up role as Conservation Director with WWF Pacific.  Managing a team of remote field and office base staff, leading the development and implementation of new strategic plan and developing networks with CROP agencies, fishing businesses and fishing companies and Government Ministries.

Since 2017, Sally has been a member of the TierraMar team splitting her time between UK and Fiji, managing European and Pacific based projects.