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by Jess
Robert Frazer, Secretary and Director

Bob Frazer has more than 37 years of experience in community development and empowerment, facilitation, mediation and negotiation, primarily in North and Far North Queensland. For 25 of those years he has worked directly with Indigenous people, communities and organisations, and for the past 15 years he has worked closely with people and organisations across all community sectors, initially in a leadership role in community based natural resource (NRM) and cultural heritage management organisations, and since 2018 as a consultant to not-for-profit organisations and corporate clients.  For the whole of that period Bob has also demonstrated his ability to effectively engage and collaborate with Commonwealth, State and Local government officials, and to effectively develop, deliver, monitor, evaluate and report to community and government on a very diverse range of programs.

Bob brings a wealth of experience to TierraMar in areas such as; natural resource and cultural heritage management; engagement with community, conservation groups, all three levels of government as well as a diverse range of industry sectors and other stakeholders; organisational and community empowerment and capacity building; analysis and improvement of organisational culture; workshop and forum facilitation; mediation; evaluation and governance. Bob also has extensive experience in development of investment strategies, programs and projects and associated funding proposals.

Bob is passionate about community resilience and gets enjoyment and satisfaction from empowering and working collaboratively and respectfully with people to achieve improved environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes (wellbeing).

Bob retired from the positions of CEO and Company Secretary with Cape York NRM and NQ NRM Alliance in mid-2018. In the second half of 2018 he led the establishment of Southern Queensland Landscapes Ltd., Australia’s newest Regional NRM Body. He has also been a Director and Company Secretary for several Not-For-Profit Indigenous, Natural Resource Management, Conservation and Environment focussed legal organisations since 1995.

Bob has a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Regional Development, and a graduate degree in social sciences.

See the Linked In profile of Bob Frazer here.