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TierraMar staff are available on a consulting basis to assist with your projects

Since 2008 TierraMar has been providing strategic, effective, innovative and balanced solutions for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of our world’s precious biodiversity and natural resources, while ensuring that businesses prosper, and communities thrive through the wise utilisation of natural capital – balancing profit and purpose.

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Our skills and Services

Natural Capital Risk Management & Investment

  • Development of policies and reporting frameworks, to identify and manage natural capital exposures and risk
  • Mapping natural capital inputs, both direct and indirect, to understand natural capital risks and dependencies
  • Understanding the consequences of interrupted flows of goods and services derived from natural capital
  • Developing mitigation strategies to counter the consequences of dependence on depleting natural capital, balancing profit and purpose – building a purpose driven agenda that is not at the expense of profit
  • Monitoring and reporting natural capital risks and effectiveness of responses

Blue & Green Economy Development

  • Applying blue and green economic principles to business policy and sustainable development
  • Identifying holistic management approaches based on principles of social inclusiveness, resource and energy efficiency, biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecosystem services
  • Designing or evaluating policies, strategies, or programs aimed at improving food security and socio-economic conditions
  • Creating or evaluating policy and management frameworks to reduce carbon emissions, and encourage socially inclusive approaches and reduced environmental impacts
  • Creating Blue Carbon policy, strategy and awareness raising including capacity building

Strategic Planning & Organisational Strengthening

  • Visioning and futures thinking, managing transformational change
  • Strategic business planning, governance and risk management analysis and assurance
  • Organisational design, strengthening, change management and process improvement
  • Monitoring and evaluation framework development and implementation
  • Programme and project design, management and evaluation
  • Capacity assessment and enhancement programs
  • Partner and stakeholder engagement, facilitation and training
  • Knowledge management, communications and extension advice and support

Sustainability & Social License

  • Embedding sustainability and social license into business planning and operations
  • Policy analysis, design and strategic planning for sustainable outcomes
  • Risk management analysis and response strategies
  • Business sector and thematic analysis and improvement options
  • Sustainable financing and payment for ecosystem services analysis and options
  • Stakeholder and supply chain engagement

Natural Resource Management

  • Natural resource management planning for sustainable marine and terrestrial industries
  • Fisheries management, best practice and conservation
  • Aquaculture improvement, sustainability and best practice
  • Environmental management, product certification and traceability
  • Coastal and terrestrial ecosystems, catchment/watershed management and conservation

Biodiversity & Conservation

  • Protected area assessment, planning and management
  • Protected and threatened species conservation and management
  • Invasive and alien species assessment and management
  • Biodiversity and protected area policy and implementation frameworks development
  • Evaluation of the governance, management and delivery of national and regional conservation programmes
  • Identification of investment priorities and funding strategies

Specialised Services

TierraMar has broad operating experience through project management and administration in both Australia and Indo-Pacific region. We provide a range of specialised business services to non government organisations, small business and individuals working in related fields and in need of personalised management and administration services. Our clients have utilised TierraMar specialised services for Australian payroll, taxation and legal purposes, accounts management and to assist with logistics for events in both Australia and overseas.
Services available include :

  • Virtual workshops and teleconferences eg. Zoom meetings
  • Event logistics eg. workshops and conferences
  • Payroll and PAYE
  • Legal services
  • Accounts management