SeaNet Indonesia

Building a Sustainable Seafood Industry to Support Coastal Communities in the Arafura Sea

       [ Location: Eastern Indonesia ]

       [ Funding: Australian Government, Coral Triangle Initiative ]

       [ Partners: Coral Triangle Center, ATSEF Lestari 

SeaNet Indonesia is a pilot project within the Arafura Sea region and a developing model for fisheries extension services for the Coral Triangle region. TierraMar, in partnership with the Coral Triangle Center, is implementing SeaNet through funding from the Australian Government’s Coral Triangle Initiative Support Program.

The project is being conducted in Meraukae and Maluku Tengarra; fourteen target groups were selected and a range of extension services are being provided to improve fisheries practices, reduce by-catch, improve market access, and increase compliance with fisheries regulations. Initial indications are extremely encouraging. In Merauke mud crab harvests were improved by 87% using a more effective and sustainable trapping method. In the same region improvements to a net fishery has increased catches of target species and reduced by-catch of undersized fish and prawns, resulting in a 70% increase in income. In Maluku Tengarra, by-catch of endangered species has been greatly reduced and catches of target species improved through gear modification and training. Local fishers are also being trained in how to better utilise different gear types and improve their compliance with fisheries regulations.

Resilient Communities:

SeaNet also focuses on empowering women, through building their capacity to improve economic return from fish processing and sales. The project has paved the way for the introduction of new sustainable methods and income sources for fishing communities, and has increased income by 80% for women through improving the market value of low value fish stocks, opening new markets for fish-products. In both locations, women’s groups have been trained in improved fish processing and food preparation, allowing them to gain better access to markets and obtain better prices for their products.

Port Waste Management:

Another innovative aspect of the program is the recycling of waste nets. So far, over 10 tons of waste net were collected and sent to be recycled. SeaNet is proving to be a potential large-scale delivery model of fisheries extension services for the Coral Triangle region.

Our Experience:

TierraMar brings 20 years of in-depth experience in ghost gear mitigation, reuse and recycling, bycatch reduction and gear technology, protected and endangered marine species conservation and sustainable seafood supply chains and aquaculture best practice. We have worked extensively for the last15 years on ALDFG to deliver projects and drive action to quantify, understand, manage and clean up the issue across Australia and the Pacific region and more broadly, including across the Coral Triangle, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

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