SeaNET Indonesia – Building a Sustainable Seafood
Industry to Support Coastal Communities in
the Arafura Sea

SeaNet is a pilot project within the Arafura Sea region to develop a model for fisheries extension services for the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI). The project is being conducted in Meraukae and Maluku Tengarra through our partner the Coral Triangle Centre (CTC). Fourteen target groups have been selected and a range of extension services are being provided to improve fisheries practices, reduce by-catch, improve market access, and compliance with fisheries regulations. Initial indications are extremely encouraging. In Merauke mud crab harvests were improved by 87% using a more effective and sustainable trapping method. In the same region improvements to a net fishery has increased catches of target species and reduced by-catch of undersized fish and prawns, resulting in a 70% increase in income. In Maluku Tengarra, by-catch of endangered species has been greatly reduced and catches of target species improved through gear modification and training. Local fishers are also being trained in how to better utilise different gear types and improve their compliance with fisheries regulations.

In both locations, women’s groups have been trained in improved fish processing and food preparation, allowing them to gain better access to markets and obtain better prices for their products.

Another innovative aspect of the SeaNET program is the recycling of waste nets. In the four months to January 2018, over 5 tons of waste net were collected and sent to be recycled.

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