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by Simon

We work with partners and investors who want to create conservation using nature-based solutions. To make this sustainable and affordable, we focus on three essential elements.

We make programs socially sustainable

  • Create consensus for actions to be long-term, reliable and complement each other.
  • Supply experts to help local people learn and build their own capacity to take on projects long-term.
  • Develop financial and self-sustaining solutions to their own conservation, health and climate change priorities.
  • Involve all minority groups and be gender-equal.

We make programs financially sustainable

  • From day one, build an exit-strategy involving locals.
  • Create / augment supply chains for income generation.
  • Establish governance mechanisms for solutions to become long-term, self-managed and improve.
  • Ensure people in lower-income areas can afford to do conservation.

We make programs scaleable

  • Identify the best successes to scale across regions or countries.
  • Work with locals, so they can transfer skills and extend both scientific and traditional knowledge about solutions to others in the wider community.
  • Work with all levels of government to remove potential barriers to success.

TierraMar is an Australia based conservation charity working to build resilient communities and reverse nature loss by helping to unlock transformational change.

Our programs.

Building climate resilient fisheries

Building climate resilient fisheries through the adoption of ecosystem-based approaches in Australia and the Coral Triangle.

Building climate resilient landscapes and communities

Building climate resilient landscapes and communities in eastern Australia using holistic landscape scale approaches.

Eliminating plastic pollution to save marine wildlife

Eliminating plastic pollution from international fisheries impacting on northern Australia.

Building climate resilient island ecosystems

Building climate resilience in Pacific island ecosystems with integrated conservation and development approaches.

Generation Nature+

Enabling Australia’s next generations of sustainability leaders to drive a nature positive future.

Philanthropic / impact investment opportunities

These projects are ready to receive support.

Where we have worked

Our projects and programs are centred on Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacific.

Our project experience

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