About Us

Our vision is a world of thriving communities where people value, are connected to, and are caretakers for, a sustainable environment.

TierraMar Ltd is an environmental and natural resource management not-for-profit organisation based in Australia. Since 2008, TierraMar has been providing strategic, effective, innovative and balanced solutions for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resources.

TierraMar’s solutions ensure that businesses prosper, and communities thrive through the wise and sustainable use of natural capital – balancing profit and purpose. TierraMar has successfully implemented over 168 projects since 2008 and have provided consulting services to a number of international NGOs and intergovernmental organisations including UN Environment, ADB, UNDP, GEF, SPREP, WWF, TNC and national governments on a wide variety of projects.

Our services have included global and regional strategy development, scoping studies, facilitation of global and regional workshops and capacity building, training and analysis for driving regional policy change; as well as on-ground delivery of capacity building and extension programs for CSOs and community to improve the conservation of priority marine protected areas, critical habitats, threatened, endangered and protected species, fisheries, sustainable tourism, freshwater water quality, marine litter and waste management, climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainable financing.

Our team

Our Principles

  1. We provide a professional and independent service.
  2. We provide one stop shop, value for money, innovative client focused solutions that are sustainable and practical.
  3. Our solutions are technically sound and based on the latest science and information.
  4. Our people are well respected and trustworthy, highly experienced in their areas of expertise and are well connected and networked within Australia and internationally.
  5. Our people are passionate about and committed to finding balanced solutions for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of our world’s precious biodiversity and natural resources, while ensuring businesses prosper and communities thrive.
  6. Our small business is well managed and we provide a flexible working environment to encourage a good work-life balance.

Our associates

TierraMar has a network of associates that can bring specialized skills to projects including:

  • Forest governance, REDD+, climate policy (Indonesia)
  • Sustainable financing, economic valuation of natural resources, sustainable tourism, spatial planning, protected areas management, environmental education, e-waste management and project monitoring and evaluation (South-east Asia)
  • Protected area management planning, training and capacity building, project design, evaluation and reviews, project management, biodiversity monitoring and evaluation systems, World Heritage site appraisal, tourism and visitor services (Asia-Pacific).
  • Fisheries and natural resources governance for private, public, academic and NGO sectors in Australia, the US, Falkland Islands, Canada and New Zealand.
  • Aquatic research, monitoring and assessment, with a focus on marine megafauna (dolphins, whales, dugongs, seals, turtles and seabirds), specialising in behaviour, bioacoustics and effect of anthropogenic disturbance.
  • Livelihoods of coastal communities, traditional use right and access for fishing, gender’s role in fisheries and community based economic development.
  • Fisheries, natural resource management and indigenous engagement (Australia)
  • Marine debris management solutions.