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Sustainable Coastal and Marine Management

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Sustainable Coastal and Marine Management – helping organisations to plan and achieve sustainable solutions in coastal and marine environments.

  • Island Rescue – a project designed to promote a comprehensive national conservation and sustainable use framework for Australian islands, including a National Island Biosecurity Initiative. To download a copy, please click here:
  • Environmental Management Systems: Facilitation and development of river based Environmental Management Systems for oyster growers in the Camden Haven and Hastings Rivers in NSW, Australia
  • Environmental Best Practice for coastal and estuarine marine resource users: Development and implementation of best-practice resources for sustainable coastal and marine users to reduce local stresses on near-shore coastal ecosystems in northern NSW
  • Blue Carbon Australia – a program designed to create a tidal wetlands greenhouse gas offset protocol for the Voluntary Carbon Market to facilitate the use of carbon offsets to promote the protection, management and restoration of coastal ecosystems - mangroves, saltmarsh and seagrass.
  • BlueCarbon AsiaPacific – working in partnership with UNEP GRID Arendal to highlight the fundamental role of our marine ecosystems in maintaining a balanced climate and mainstream a Blue Carbon agenda into national climate change initiatives in the Coral Triangle and Pacific
  • Pacific Climate Adaptation –  assisting Pacific Island nations in the development of climate adaptation strategies.
  • Strategic Planning for WWF Antarctica and the Southern Ocean Initiative: Facilitating the development of WWF’s plans for conservation of Antarctic Southern Ocean biodiversity.




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